About Us

Hubner Industries LLC was established in 1972 as a partnership between father and son, Robert L. Hubner and Robert Lee Hubner, with combined 54 years of experience in seed production. The sole purpose of this partnership was to produce the best possible seed corn. In four short years, production increased to over 300 acres and seed beans were added. Due to the increased production, it became necessary to recruit additional help. Jim Hubner (Son/Brother) came to join the partnership. As a result of this management team’s reputation in the industry, it became evident in the next five years that the company could grow much faster in the wholesale market- raising corn for the other seed companies.
Today Hubner Industries continues with the same purpose in mind. The owners; Bob and Pat Hubner, Doug and Michelle Hubner, and Ronda and Brandon Berry; take pride in how much the business has grown. Hubner Industries has expanded to two locations which are West Lebanon, IN and Muncie, IL with over 70 employees across the whole company. We continue to be our customers first choice for seed services with products of uncompromising quality, simple convenience, and superior total service.

Hubner Timeline

  • 2020

    Addition of Second Facility (Muncie, IL)

  • 2018

    Completed dryer expansion, 27,000 bushel

  • 2015

    • Added 70,000 square feet of warehouse
    • Started phase 1 of a 3 year dryer expansion
  • 2012

    New Green Sort building, doubling capacity

  • 2011

    Added RIB blend facility with automatic bagging line

  • 2009

    Built Warehouse 6 60×140

  • 2005

    Doug Hubner joined the company, after graduating Purdue with a degree in Agronomy

  • 2000

    • Additional Office Space
    • Production: 5,751 acres
  • 1998

    Constructed additional conditioning tower

  • 1997

    Built fifth warehouse 66×136 with two loading docks

  • 1996

    • Built additional 15,000 bushel dryer facility
    • Remodeled/Expanded Sheller building
  • 1994

    Built fourth warehouse 66×136 with shipping office

  • 1993

    • Remodeled husking system
    • Built entension on third warehouse 60×9
  • 1989

    • Built second floor of present offices
    • Added four dryer bins
  • 1987

    • Built third warehouse 60×130
    • Built first floor of office
    • Added 4th floor and remodeled conditioning tower
  • 1982

    • Second Phase of ear corn dryer
    • Built receiving and husking facility
  • 1981

    • Started five-year building plan
    • Built second warehouse 60×100
    • Began contruction of new ear corn dryers
  • 1976

    • Jim Hubner joined the company
    • Built 40×60 warehouse and loading dock
  • 1974

    Built first Warehouse 28×40

  • 1972

    Established Hubner Seed Company also known as Hubner Industries LLC today